Dr. Eduard Bach was a British doctor, a scientist, an immunologist and a homeopath, who dedicated his life to the search for a simple-to-use remedy, that didn’t have any harmful influences on the body.

He recognized the tight connection between one’s emotional, mental and spiritual state, and their physical condition.

The therapeutic method he has developed using the flower energy (currently known as “Bach Flowers”) is simple, gentle and extremely effective. It is based on 38 energetic extracts from different types of wild flowers, trees and plants, each of which provides an energetic balance of different emotional and cognitive patterns that are characteristic to all human beings. Bach has divided the 38 extracts into 7 groups; each group is dedicated for the treatment of a different kind of weakness that may cause physical, emotional or mental difficulty.

The therapeutic powers are found within the psyche, and the extracts help them to be released and become available.

The cards were created with the understanding that just like the way the extracts bring the unbalanced patterns into awareness, so do their frequencies, through the cards; and by balancing them – we experience internal relief and well-being.

When one chooses a card, there are two things that happen all at once:

  • The card that represents healing brings into awareness the current position in the given situation or hardship.
  • The card brings clarity to where one wishes to arrive, as well as wh

About The Cards

I have imagined these cards during my Bach Flower studies. I experienced such a strong connection to the method, that I have felt that there must be another way to spread the flowers’ deep wisdom. Through The Way In Cards one can look within, and explore the patterns, the places that feel stuck or contain a difficult experience, and begin to see the road to change and healing.

The cards provide:

  • A bypass of the defense and working mechanisms of the subconscious mind, in a safe and non-threatening space
  • The ability to have a distant look at internal processes
  • The ability to illuminate parts within that seek the light
  • A therapeutic process in cases when conversation is stuck
  • Self-expression for people who have a hard time expressing themselves
  • Immediate connection that is not always verbal, at the beginning of a meeting or anencounter

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How to Use

Cards are a projection tool that uses imagination and creativity, creating a safe, non-threatening therapeutic setting. They allow “indirect” inner work, so that the client comes into contact with the soul in safe ways, being able to bring deep and hidden feelings onto the surface.

Working with mental processes through projection tools brings the subconscious into awareness, invites understanding, awareness and meaning, and promotes growth and healing, as well as relief of distress.

In the Bach Flowers treatment, the client chooses the cards, thus directing the therapist to the required extracts; although it is important that the process includes a more in-depth conversation.

Using the cards for circles and group

Working with the cards enables an immediate connection, which is not necessarily verbal, to the group’s dynamic and energy; it is a very powerful experience of exploring the card and verbally analyzing it in a group setting. This work also helps people, who have difficulty with self-expression, to touch upon painful places and reach situations in which the emotion is available and can be expressed.

Personal use of the cards

Choose a card at the beginning of each day or week, and hold the intention of the message of that card for the entire day or week.

When there is a dilemma or a need for empowerment and clarity, choose a card. The card’s message and illustration may redirect your attention and thoughts to a new angle that can bring alleviation, solution or healing.

The cards can be used in two ways:

Open cards: put the cards with the illustration and message facing up, choose the card that you feel connected to.

Closed cards: put the cards with the illustration and message facing down, use your intuition to pick a card.

About me

Suzi, spouse to Motti, mother to Alma, Omni and Gomme.

An artist, sculptor, painter, Bach Flowers and Elbaum therapist, facilitator of circles and groups; but mostly I observe inwards, attentive to myself and those around me.

I have been learning and developing for many years. I created these cards out of a strong passion. They were created through me, but now it is their time to go out and spread in the world. I feel that this is my gift to the world at this time.

The cards were illustrated with precision and sensitivity by Orian Shavit, who is a majestic illustrator.

I thank our encounter that enabled the realization of The Way In Cards.


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