“The Way In” Cards

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The Way In – 

Treatment and introspection cards inspired by Bach Flowers

Every woman who wants to get closer to her heart and connect with her own strengths and powers should get herself those cards


“The Way In” Inspiration Cards – a set of 39 cards designed to inspire and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Each card features a unique message and image that encourages self-reflection, inner growth, and mindfulness. The cards can be used as daily affirmations, meditation prompts, or divination tools for those interested in exploring spirituality and personal development.

Who can use the cards:

Anyone connecting to the world of flowers, plants, and cards.
It is a highly recommended tool for work in a clinic, in all types of therapy:

Bach flowers therapists and students
Body-mind Communication
And more…

Highly recommended for group facilitators and women’s circles facilitators.

Working with The Way In cards provides:

A bypass of defense mechanisms and work with the subconscious, in a safe and non-threatening space
The ability to observe internal processes from a distance
The ability to illuminate parts seeking light within us
The ability to facilitate conversation, in cases where the conversation is stuck within a therapeutic process
Self-expression for those who find it difficult
Immediate connection, not always verbal, at the beginning of a meeting or introduction

 The Way In cards set is an amazing tool for working with others or with ourselves and a beautiful gift for your loved ones🤍


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“The Way in” cards set includes 39 cards and a booklet with information regarding detailed explanations for each card, spread options and in depth questions that create an option for personal, internal work.

The set is available in English, Hebrew and Franch.
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