The Way In Stories


“The Way In Stories” are 39 short stories based on 39 Bach Flower remedies.

Each story depicts a woman facing a specific hardship in her life, characterizing the Bach Flower extract that woman represents, as well as suggestions for relief and change.

The characters portrayed in these stories face difficulties familiar to us all and our identification with a particular story, even if just in part, leads us to introspection and deeper self-connection.

“The Way In Stories”  has no beginning, middle or end. Rather, it offers 39 gates for connecting inwards. You may open the book to any random page and discover therein a story, sentence or illustration relevant for any situation.

When you recognize yourself in any of the stories, even if just partially, you are welcome to study the corresponding card and contemplate what the illustration and its accompanying message bring alive for you.

If you wish to explore further, you may peruse the in-depth expansion booklet accompanying “The Way In” card set.

I was inspired to write these vignettes during my work with the fabulous Einat Guttman. The stories were written with a desire to connect more and more people to the wondrous healing they offer.

It is my greatest hope that these stories will bring you to a deeper connection with your heart, innermost being and essence.
The book is a complement and deepening to The Way In set of cards, but also stands on its own.

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